HortiHeroes Innovation Hub

The initiators of the HortiHeroes Innovation Hub aim to stimulate innovation in the Food & Flower industry. To this end, HortiHeroes is working together with Starthubs, which, with a reach of thousands of start-ups and scale-ups and a 90% match rate, is the largest open innovation platform in the Netherlands. It is by connecting the challenges of established companies to the solutions of young innovative start-ups and scale-ups that innovation

Raffi Balder, Programme Manager HortiHeroes: “Startups are inventive, fast and agile. They are the first to translate new trends and technologies into innovative products and services. We believe in working with startups to improve and future-proof the Food & Flower Industry and think that this platform will greatly accelerate this process.”

How does it work?
Participating horticultural companies with global impact formulate an Innovation Challenge on The challenge focuses on a specific innovation challenge. Startups and scale-ups that think they have the right solution can respond. The company selects the best proposal from the startups/scale-ups and starts a (pilot) project.

Innovation Challenges
The first ‘Innovation Challenges’ were submitted by Royal Brinkman, Best Fresh and Beekenkamp Group.

More innovation challenges
Co-initiators and founding fathers of the platform, called HortiHeroes Innovation Hub, are Best Fresh, Beekenkamp Groep, Royal Brinkman, KUBO, JUVA and Priva. The platform is open to other food & flower companies.

Priva believes that new cross-sector connections and integrated solutions are needed to solve global problems in the areas of housing, mobility, energy, water and food. Both start-ups and scale ups are an important part of making these new connections. Meiny Prins: “Such collaborations stimulate ‘out of the box’ thinking and increase the ‘fun factor’ within one’s own company.”

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