“The program has brought me the inspiration, energy and tools to drive innovation within the sector and the company. I expect this experience and the network built up to remain relevant throughout my career.” Harro de Moor | Rijk Zwaan (HortiHero – Class of 2020)

“What a cool experience to learn so much with such a diverse group of people  from different leading companies. In a short period of time, I’ve received the right tools for start-up innovation, and gained a massive new network.” Co-Anne van Waaij | Klasmann-Deilmann Benelux (HortiHero – Class of 2019)

In our increasingly complex and volatile world it is more important than ever to respond quickly to changing (customer) needs, different ways of doing business and new forms of collaboration. Change and innovation require new ways of thinking, new experiences and new networks. This is what the HortiHeroes Intrapreneurship Programme offers for future leaders in the Food & Flower industry.

We teach a group of ambitious professionals the skills, tools, and mindset to shape the future for their companies, themselves and a better society.

Fase 1: Learn the start-up tools to shake up the Food & Flower industry!

The action-oriented program kickstarts with a three-day bootcamp, including overnight stays at a beautiful location. Each part of this three-month phase focuses on one element of the successful development from idea to start-up.

With a group of 20 ambitious professionals you will be taught the tools to help your company 10 big steps forward in just one year.

Are you a high potential and do you want to help your company find new ideas and solutions to be ready for the future? Then sign up now for the HortiHeroes Intrapreneurship Programme – Class of 2022 (start: March 2022).

Want to learn what former participants got out of the program? Watch this video!

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Eligible for participation are professionals who:

  • Work in or for the Food & Flower industry;
  • Have a thinking and working level of at least University of Applied Science;
  • Understand that innovation is not a department. They like to explore and work beyond their specialism. Whether that is Marketing, Sales, Production, IT or Finance;
  • Have a strong motivation to contribute to change and innovation within their company;
  • Often see opportunities and possibilities to do things differently and better;
  • Want to grow on a personal and professional level.

For more information or if you have any questions, get in touch with:

Raffi Balder
06-186 44 789

The Challenge

You’ll work in a team of fellow participants to apply what you’ve learned directly, with your own “start-up project”. This project has to contribute to solving challenges for the Food & Flower industry: the Challenge.

Each participant will be asked the following question when they register: “Which challenge(s) do you see in your company which are urgent and relevant for the entire sector and/or chain, and which solution(s) do you see for these problems?

Based on the answers to this question, and the bootcamp in March, we will select the challenges that the talents will work on in teams during the program. The possible solutions to these challenges will be developed into specific ideas for start-ups, and with your team you will explore this start-up idea and create a winning business model and pitch.

All teams will present their business case to a knowledgeable panel of judges including experts, entrepreneurs and investors. They will judge the business case and pitch on innovation, feasibility, potential and proper engagement with the client. The winning team will receive €10.000,- to stimulate innovation within the companies of the team members, or, in consultation with the employers, to invest in the start-up project.

The goal of the program

In this action-oriented development program ambitious professionals will gain the entrepreneurial skills, tools and mindset to change their organizations from within, while reaching their full innovative potential. This means we aren’t making a start-up entrepreneur out of you. However, we are making you an ‘intrapreneur’ within the organization you work with. Additionally, you will develop your network within and outside of the Food & Flower industry. Finally, you will gain many new insights, such as innovative business models and technologies, from outside of the sector.


Inspiration from other sectors, cultures, and countries contributes to your power to innovate. That’s why visits to companies, start-ups and their ecosystems, speakers and mentors from outside of the Food & Flower industry are all part of the program. Additionally, the teams will have access to mentors from the Food & Flower industry, so that they can make optimal use of the rich experience already present. However, ultimately, most of the inspiration will come from the peers you are in the program with.

What does a training day look like?

  • 12:00 Team lunch and challenge updates
  • 13:00 Master class by Top Trainers – immediately applicable knowledge and skills for your project, and/or time to work on the challenge with your team: working on your startup project, meetings with your mentor, or get out of the building to talk to customers.
  • 18:30 Diner with bi-weekly Q&A session with inspiring entrepreneurs.
  • 20:00 Closing

Phase 2: Apply the start-up tools to your company to foster innovation.

The intensive first three months will be festively concluded during the HeroDay. You will finish this phase with new knowledge and insights with which you can initiate and/or expedite innovation and change in your organisation, as well as with a relevant network of innovative start-ups and young talent inside and outside of the sector.

The goal of the second part of the Intrapreneurship Programme is the successful completion of an innovation or change trajectory within your company. To do this, you will apply the tools, experience and network that you have gained during the first phase.

To ensure that you keep making progress on your innovation or change trajectory within your company, all the participating talents will gather once per month to share knowledge, network and experiences.


An idea is worth just as much as the energy invested to realise it.

The Intrapreneurship Program consists of two phases. In both phases the HortiHeroes method – inspire, train, act – is utilised: you will be inspired, and given the right knowledge, with the ultimate goal of allowing you to actively foster innovation and change within your company.


  • Dinners with top CEOs of leading companies
  • Inspirational talks by entrepreneurs inside and outside of the sector


  • Top teachers in start-up and innovation tools, and new (impact) economy
  • Visits to start-up hubs and accelerators
  • Action-based learning


  • Challenge: following the pressure cooker principle to work on a business case in 13 weeks
  • Accomplish a successful innovation trajectory within your own company
  • Mentoring by changemakers inside and outside of the sector
  • HeroDay prize of €10.000,-, to be used for your business case or innovation project within your company


To apply for the Intrapreneurship Programme – Class of 2022, please fill in the registration form. Amongst other things, you will be asked for your motivation to participate in this program. In this form, you will also find more information about the profile of our participants and the selection criteria.

Feel free to email for more information and to receive the registration form.