We are HortiHeroes.

We are a group of resolute professionals, who know that not everything goes without saying, but who believe in the natural power of our country. We are the connectors who get things done by working together and especially by working differently. We are putting the new heroes of our generation on the map, we are HortiHeroes!

What we get up for in the morning? Showing you the power and potential of the coolest and most innovative industry in the Netherlands. That’s why we are attracting the biggest and best players in the food & flowers industry from the heart of the sector.

We need more heroes!

For centuries, we’ve been known around the globe for our Dutch Food & Flower industry. And this still is one of our biggest export markets. Moreover, we are globally second only to the United States in production, processing, and export of flowers, plants, vegetables and fruit.

We didn’t get so good at this without working hard for it. Long before the Tulip mania we had to survive off of our determination, our capability for innovation and our true Dutch entrepreneurship. And now the world is urbanising and digitalising at an unprecedented rate.

Zero hunger in a liveable world.