HortiHeroes connects start-ups (inside and outside of the Food & Flower Industry) with innovative (partner) companies. This interaction gives both the start-up community and the established companies access to knowledge and network.

In addition, start-ups get access to potential clients, financing, facilities and partners, while the established companies are in direct contact with new technologies, business models and talent.

Apply for the start-up program here: 

Criteria HortiHeroes Startup / Scale-up

  • Team: You are a complementary team (more than 1 person) who is fully committed to the project
  • (for example a ‘hustler (CEO), hacker (CTO) and hipster (designer) who are entrepreneurial and don’t take it as ‘a side or study project’).
  • Ambition: You have a common ambition, vision, and mentality. You want and are able to make a success out of this.
  • Dream: you contribute to the HortiHeroes dream; Zero Hunger in a liveable world.
  • Innovative Product: you develop/deliver a new value proposition to the Food & Flower industry. A clear market demand or problem solution is required.
  • Business model: you have (international) growth potential with a scalable business model.