HortiHeroes Unconference

HortiHeroes UnConference | 2019

HortiHeroes UnConference 2019 | Hosted by Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship in Rotterdam

To be able to feed 9 billion people worldwide in 2050, food production will have to increase by at least 50%. This requires optimal use of robotics, data, chain management and artificial intelligence. The flower industry also offers many possibilities for collaboration and other concepts which offer added value, such as a dose happiness and fresh air, in other words a positive effect on the body and the mind.

But how do we reach that point? Which small steps can we take in our day-to-day life? Where can we collaborate in and out of the Food & Flower industry? Which data is available, and how can you make smart use of it? What do you share and what don’t you? It’s now or never: we need to continue learning, from students, start-ups, and established companies. Collaboration and digitalisation is no longer a choice but a must.

On 26th September 2019 we organised the second HortiHeroes UnConference, where we brought entrepreneurs, experts, high potentials from the Food & Flower industry, students and techies together to learn as much as possible from each other.

What is an UnConference?
An UnConference consists of a series of short, targeted parallel sessions, organised by the participants themselves and planned together on the day itself to fill the programme. It’s a chance to experience a wide range of subjects in an intimate setting, to forge new relationships, and to share experience and expertise that can immediately benefit you.

Curious for more? Have a look at the aftermovie of the first HortiHeroes UnConference.

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