Soon, will we be able to provide adequate, healthy food for everyone in the world? That is one of the biggest challenges we currently face as a society. And the Dutch Food & Flower industry is tackling that challenge with both hands and an eye on the future!

About the Food & Flower Industry

Technology to feed & green the world

The Food & Flower industry is a high-tech industry developing the most advanced greenhouses and horticultural technology, in which vegetables, fruits, plants and flowers can grow with minimal amounts of water, fossil energy, chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Work is underway on vertical farms to grow in the least square footage possible, as well as more sustainable crops, which have more disease resistance. And work is being done on robotics, automation, drones and data optimization. On a mission to a green, livable, healthy world.

The challenges

The main goal for the Food & Flower industry is to be able to sustainably feed nine billion people by 2050. And by feed, we mean feeding of people, habitat and planet. To achieve this, we are tackling the following challenges with HortiHeroes and the entire Food & Flower ecosystem:

Do you want to make an impactful contribution to these challenges? You can do so by working or doing business in the Food & Flower industry!

HortiHeroes Ecosystem

HortiHeroes is building an innovation ecosystem to foster innovation through collaboration. We collaborate with established companies, startups, knowledge institutions, government and investors to address the challenges of the Food & Flower industry together. We train talent to innovate their businesses from within and connect innovative startups to established companies. Our office is located in World Horti Center, the knowledge and innovation center for international greenhouse horticulture.

Ecosysteem Hortiheroes

Click on the image to download it. Would you like to receive the ecosystem in high resolution or have a suggestion to make it even more complete? Then contact us!