CEO for 1 Day

CEO for 1 Day
1 dag

Many students are still uncertain what they want to be ‘when they grow up’. Let alone in which sector they want to work. Are you a student? And are you up to the challenge of becoming CEO of a large company in the innovative and dynamic Food & Flower industry for a day? Great! Keep scrolling!

Every November we organise CEO for 1 Day. Curious about the second largest industry in the Netherlands? About the work being done every day to make a greener and healthier world, where everyone has access to fresh food? Then spend a day in the chair of one of the CEOs and give them your (un)solicited advice.

“Thanks to my participation in CEO for 1 Day I have expanded my own network and also learnt a lot about how the organisation within a company works, something you cannot learn in school in theory but can only through first-hand experience.”

- Participant CEO for 1 Day 2021

What will you do?

It’s all in the name: you literally will spend a day shadowing one of the biggest CEOs from the Food & Flower industry. You get to know the company, its activities and you are presented with a business issue which you are allowed to provide your honest opinion on! This way you contribute to the future vision of the company in question.

Are you…

Dan klinkt het alsof jij één van de 25 student-directeuren bent! De volgende editie vindt plaats van 18 t/m 22 november 2024. Je kunt je hiervoor binnenkort aanmelden! Hierna volgt een korte selectieprocedure. Houd voor meer info onze agenda, LinkedIn of Instagram in de gaten.

Deze directeuren deden in 2023 mee!

Are you a CEO of a company in the Food & Flower industry? And would you love to give the next generation of CEO's a "day behind the scenes"? Then sign up for participation by emailing and join this impressive list of CEO's!

Ad den Boer

Logistics Director ABC Logistics

Dolph Uittenboogaard

Directeur Finance JUB Holland

Bart Bakker

Managing Director Scelta Inside

Puck van Holsteijn

CEO HortiHeroes and World Horti Center

John-Pieter Schipper

CEO Bejo

Mike Gitzels

CEO Plantenkwekerij Gitzels

Simon Walter

Head of Business Unit KWS Vegetables / Pop Vriend Seeds

Maarten Goos

Directeur Van Zanten Breeding

Rob Baan

CEO Koppert Cress

Ruud Kaagman

Global Crop Unit Head Tomato Syngenta

Leendert-Jan Plaisier

COO Royal FloraHolland

Remco Salome

CEO Superflora

Jan van Dam

CEO Dutch Flower Group

Theo Aanhane

Directeur Hobaho

Yvonne Watzdorf

CEO Bloemenbureau Holland

Danny Gerritsen

Managing Director Nieuwkoop Europe

Peter Zaat

CEO Deliflor

Johan Kos

CEO Vertify

Ekko Vermeulen

CEO Benelux Floramedia

Pim van der Knaap

Commercial Director KP Holland

Dirand van Wijk

CEO Compas Agro

Hans Quint

CEO Abemec

Harrij Schmeitz

CEO Fruit Tech Campus

Ton van Dalen

CEO Oxin Growers

Arjen van Nuland

Directeur AgruniekRijnvallei

Leander van Bellen


Eduard de Bruijn


Erik Hogervorst

CEO Hogervorst

michiel van ginkel

CEO Koninklijke Hilverda Groep

Edward Verbakel

CEO VB Group

Klaas Jan Vijn

Directeur Van Zanten Flowerbulbs

Jorgen de Ree

Directeur Royal De Ree Holland

Corry Siegers

Algemeen Directeur Copijn

Sandra Bechtolt

Directeur Keukenhof