HortiHeroes is the number one platform for innovation, start-up and talent development for and by the Food & Flower industry. We are constantly working on attracting, retaining and developing talent. And by talent we mean students, start-up founders and enterprising (young) professionals with an urge to innovate.

“In an inspiring and efficient way, HortiHeroes is able to connect talents, start-ups and enterprises in the sector to one another, creating excellent traction to accelerate the growth and sustainability of the sector.”

Marlieke Lingmont - Lely

As HortiHeroes partner you give yourself and your employees access to our development programs, new talent, students and start-ups. And consequently, to the latest developments, different revenue models and high-tech solutions. Being part of the HortiHeroes community provides the best opportunity to stay on top of the innovations of tomorrow and to make an impact together!

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Do you want to be a hero and help us with our mission? Are you an entrepreneur in the Food & Flower industry and do you fully champion innovation, sustainable impact and the power of cooperation within the supply chain and with companies beyond? Let’s partner up! 

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