Future Leadership Program

The Food & Flower industry needs strong, forward-looking, authentic, future leaders. The Future Leadership Program is an intensive management development program that trains young talent to become these strong leaders, in combination with their regular job. You attend training courses, receive individual coaching and collaborate on projects. And why should you as a company let your employees take part in this? Because this tight labour market calls for additional investment in your young talents. With the Future Leadership Program, we make it easier for companies from the sector to attract and retain talent from all disciplines. Want to learn more?

"The program has exceeded all my expectations, I have a completely different mindset thanks to this project. The program has given me tools to implement change within the company where I work."

Melvin van der Zeyden - Yex (class of 2018)

So, do you want to become a strong leader?

Great! The sector needs this! The Future Leadership Program is a management development program for young talent with up to 2 years’ work experience. For eighteen months, you will follow this program in addition to your current job. This way, we ensure your personal growth and development into a strong leader, whilst you simultaneously work on a healthier and more sustainable world in a company in the Food & Flower industry. 

You follow the Future Leadership Program with a group of 12 young professionals with the ability to work and think to at least University of Applied Sciences level (Dutch hbo) and with an average age of 25.

And after these eighteen months? You will have…

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Does your company wish to invest in young talent?

As far as we are concerned, the response of every business operator or HR manager should be a resounding ‘YES’. Talented young people are not merely the future of your company; these days they have a choice of all kinds of attractive jobs. It is therefore important to focus on development and continuing to challenge the next generation of impact makers.

For the Future Leadership Program, we are seeking fresh minds and new ideas to shape the future of the Food & Flower industry. So that we can work towards a healthy world in which everyone everywhere has access to sustainable, healthy food, flowers and plants, whilst simultaneously making the Netherlands economically stronger and more future-proof.

Why let your talent take part?

Future Leaders from these companies
already take part

"With the right guidance, internally at Jiffy and externally by HortiHeroes, we create a safe environment in which our participant can grow quickly but thoroughly from junior to medior."

Chantal Oostvogels - Jiffy

Practical information

Start: spring 2024

More information? Our program manager Lenny will be happy to answer your questions via e-mail or a phone call.