Intrapreneurship Program

The world is changing fast. Standing still is not an option, particularly in the Food & Flower industry. Change and innovation call for different ways of thinking, new experiences and the expansion of your network. And this is precisely what the Intrapreneurship Program offers you as talent. Learn the start-up mentality, tools and skills, which you can immediately apply towards innovation within the company you work for. Curious? Let’s go!

"The program has exceeded all my expectations, I have a completely different mindset thanks to this project. The program has given me tools to implement change within the company where I work."

Melvin van der Zeyden - Yex (class of 2018)

What does the program look like?

Over the course of a year, with a group of up to 18 ambitious young professionals in the Food & Flower industry, you participate in the Intrapreneurship program. The programs consists of two phases:

Phase 1

3 months

Learn the tools, skills and mindset of start-up founders to advance your company 10 steps further in a single year. After a 3-day kick-off, you take part in weekly training sessions, where you will develop your skills in, among others, influencing, persuading and change management. At the same time you kick-start a start-up in a team of 3 to 4 fellow participants. Does your team have the best start-up? If so, you will win €7,500 which can be used to encourage innovation within the companies the team members work for, or, in consultation with the employers, to invest in the start-up project.

Phase 2

9 months

New skills and mindset: check. New network and inspiration from cool start-ups and talent inside & outside the sector: check! On to the next phase. In phase two you will work on an innovation or change project within your company. So, you put your new knowledge directly into practice. Every month we come together for an inspiration session. Company visits, field trips and cooperation with peers, mentors and experienced entrepreneurs contribute to your innovative strength and that of the organisation you work for.

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The HortiHeroes Intrapreneurship program receives an average rating of 9.1 from participants

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The HortiHeroes method

The Intrapreneurship Program follows the HortiHeroes method: inspire, train, act. You will be inspired and benefit from having the right knowledge to take action, enabling you to bring innovation to your company.




Practical information

Start: spring 2024

More information? Our Academy lead Raffi will be happy to answer your questions via e-mail or a phone call.