Providing everyone in the world with enough fresh food and the opportunity to live in a healthy, green environment. This is the challenge we tackle every day at HortiHeroes. And we need talent to achieve this! Young people who may or may not yet be familiar with the sector, with a fresh perspective, innovative ideas and different passions and areas of expertise. To learn and to create with one another. From start-ups and students to professionals, entrepreneurs, new and existing companies and investors. Because we can only achieve our mission of “zero hunger in a liveable world” together.

The Dutch Food & Flower industry is crucial for feeding and greening the globe. Our high-tech sector produces cutting-edge greenhouses and indoor and outdoor cultivation technologies. This enables us to grow crops, plants and flowers with minimum effort and impact on the environment. Some growers already work without using any fossil fuels and chemicals. The challenging target is to feed around 9 billion people in 2050, whilst having to take the impact on the environment and biodiversity into consideration. Innovation and cooperation are a must.

You too can contribute towards our mission, as a student, entrepreneur or professional. And the great thing about it? There is a lot of scope for combining working, learning and network building.

Innovation Traineeship

START: spring 2024

Are you a recent graduate with a technical university degree or have you just started working for a company in the Food & Flower industry? Do you want to use your technical knowledge for a sustainable, healthy world and get involved in digitisation, robotics and other cool tech innovations in the sector? If so, read more about our Innovation Traineeship which gives you the opportunity to work at three organisations, including TNO, on hortitech projects over the course of two years.

Supply Chain Traineeship

START: spring 2024

Do you want to work on optimising the most dynamic - and often international - supply chain? Are you that supply chain professional who enjoys sinking their teeth into something and doing project-based work? Then this traineeship is for you! Are you already familiar with the Food and Flower industry? - Great! If you are not yet familiar with it, this constitutes an easy way of getting acquainted with this exciting and flourishing sector. The Supply Chain Traineeship is a two-year program for logistics talent (University of Applied Sciences (Dutch hbo) / university (Dutch wo) level) wanting to push companies in the Food & Flower industry even further.

CEO for 1 Day

Start: November 2023

Curious about the second largest industry in the Netherlands? About the work being done every day to make a greener and healthier world, where everyone has access to fresh food? Then spend a day in the chair of one of the CEOs and give them your (un)solicited advice. This is your chance to get to know the Food & Flower industry and experience a company from really close up!