Workshops and training courses

HortiHeroes is an organization that supports innovation and entrepreneurship. We offer a range of programs and masterclasses, as well as free workshops and training courses. These workshops are short, interactive, and focused on a specific topic. We provide practical tools that you can apply immediately within your company.

For who?

Our workshops cover innovation and entrepreneurship themes. You'll learn tools to solve challenges in your company or sector, from startup skills to stakeholder management. Our workshops are open to all, from trainees to directors, and breeders to distributors.
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What kind of innovator are you? Take the test!

You would like to take the company you work for one, five or 10 steps further. Hero! But, not every 'innovator' is the same. For example, do you deal more with internal innovation or external innovation? Which type of innovator are you? Take the test!


The workshops provide an opportunity to gain practical knowledge about a specific topic. If you wish to gain a more in-depth understanding, you can explore other learning opportunities offered by HortiHeroes. These include short-term masterclasses (lasting no more than 1 day), a two-day pressure cooker, and comprehensive development programs that focus on improving and innovating within your company. If you are interested in learning more, you can visit our website for more information or contact our Education Lead, Raffi Balder.