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You don’t get to be a HortiHeroes Start-up for nothing. This group of heroes is the future of the Food & Flower industry and they live for innovation. From drones for crop protection to data-driven cultivation. And from greenhouse insulation with bubbles to new ways of purchasing plants.

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Hortiheroes startups

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Hortiheroes Startups

The Thermeleon Heat Battery increases the energy efficiency of greenhouses. By strategically buffering the surplus of heat during the day by cooling the greenhouse, the product provides sustainable heating at night. The result is a significant reduction in energy demand up to 30% and a more sustainable greenhouse.

PAR+ is a sustainable spray coating suitable for glasshouse horticulture developed by FOTONIQ. PAR+ offers diffusivity without light loss, increasing crop yield year-round for 8 years.

Sigrow opens doors to climate optimisation for your crops. They produce and develop sensors which make it easy to collect (micro-) climate data of your growing environment. Their newest sensor: the Sigrow Stomata Camera which visualises whether your plants are growing. 

CE-Line brings the laboratory towards the greenhouse. The CELINE technology can measure all essential macro en micro nutrients, fully automated, at laboratory quality. With that there is a continuous control over the nutrient concentrations in the drain- and irrigation water. The continuous and real-time measuring of the nutrients can be combined with the (individual) nutrient dosing systems to provides ideal nutrient ratio’s in the irrigation water.

Benefits: 5% higher yields, improved crop and fruit quality, reduced water and fertilizer consumption, and remote control over water and nutrient management.

Blockbax provides a platform that makes it possible to centralise data from any type of sensor or machine to one place, to create clear dashboards & analyses from here and then set alerts & actions on them without programming a single line for this.

Common examples are energy management, greenhouse climate insight & control, logistics track & tracing and proactive monitoring of critical machinery or other assets.

BBBLS uses an innovative method to additionally insulate greenhouses with soap bubbles. This makes it possible to produce high quality food with much less energy. Their vision is to create a desired growing climate, taking into account the outdoor climate and seasonal influences in order to create the most favorable conditions for greenhouses, or in short: Controlled Climate As A Service.

Skytree develops and deploys smart technology that captures atmospheric carbon dioxide, enabling its use or storage to combat climate change and aid businesses and society around the world.

For data science teams working in horti- and agriculture, we have built UbiOps so they can run and scale AI workloads while saving significant cloud costs and FTE on DevOps/MLOps engineers to bring their AI products to the market.

Hortiheroes pre-seed startups

Planthunters is the platform where retailers buy special plants directly from the grower.

After the retailer (garden centre, florist, decorator) has chosen online from a varied range of special and new plants, the grower delivers them via the exporter. Through shorter transparent lines and while preserving the chain, Planthunters ultimately aims for a 100% match between supply and demand with less waste. The winners? Both the grower, the exporter, the retailer, the customer and the plant!

Albotherm is improving crop productivity by up to 34% with their glass coatings that reversibly transition from transparent to white in hot weather, allowing greenhouses to regulate their own temperature without electrical input while maximising light levels.

Hortiheroes scale-ups

PATS automates pest monitoring and control with vision solutions and bat-like drones.

Gearbox creates the next generation horticultural workforce, using vision solutions, smart software with AI and robotics.

Plantsome, the new way to buy houseplants. We are happy to give you advice on how to make your interior even greener. This does not only look trendy and cosy, it is also healthy for you and it is delivered free of charge.

Through innovative bio sensors, Vivent supplies crop monitoring services, to detect diseases and pests well before visual symptoms, to demonstrate the efficacy of crop treatments and to help growers optimise climate, nutrients, and irrigation. We do this by decoding naturally occurring biological signals and providing alerts and regular reports on crop health to our clients.