HortiHeroes Herofestival 2021


On Thursday 23 June 2022 the HeroFestival will take place. The event for enterprising impact makers, ambitious talent and curious organisational innovators. Together we provide (inter)action and a healthy dose of creative and inspiring chaos.

With a theme that puts the spotlight on successful innovations, challenging start-ups and the young talents of the future. On inspiration inside and outside the sector, with room for creating, learning, making mistakes and experimenting: WE ARE GAME CHANGERS.

“Learn from the best, apply it to the rest.”

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On our special HeroFestival website you can find all information about this event and register.

You can also check out the programme and speakers on this page (in Dutch)!

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On Thursday 8 July 2021, the fourth edition of the HeroFestival – a co-creation of HortiHeroes and Rabobank – took place. In a hybrid edition from the Greenhouse Studio, students, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, startups and scale-ups came together to drive innovation in the Food & Flower industry.

With more than 20 speakers, the programme was packed with enthusiasm, innovative power and opportunities. Minister Carola Schouten (LNV) opened with a word of thanks to innovators in the sector.

True to tradition, the participants of the HortiHeroes Intrapreneurship Programme also took the stage. The start-up Left-O was declared the winner and took home €10,000, while the three Food Forward innovators gave a pitch about their innovative solutions and received a cheque from Rabobank in the form of knowledge, network and capital to help them further realise their ideas.

Read all about last year’s edition here*.
*This press release is in Dutch.

You can watch the after movie of the HeroFestival here. The after movie takes you back to 8 July in 3 minutes. Taste the atmosphere, check out the take-aways from the speakers and see how we are driving innovation in the Food & Flower industry together.

Curious about the photos? You can see the images made by Floris Heuer here.