We are HortiHeroes.

We are a group of resolute professionals, who know that not everything goes without saying, but who believe in the natural power of our country. We are the connectors who get things done by working together and especially by working differently. We are putting the new heroes of our generation on the map, we are HortiHeroes!

What we get up for in the morning? Showing you the power and potential of the coolest and most innovative industry in the Netherlands. That’s why we are attracting the biggest and best players in the food & flowers industry from the heart of the sector.
We are creating a connection inside and outside of the sector, because if we make use of everyone’s strengths, we can reach a lot further.

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At the moment, HortiHeroes is collaborating with more than 17 established companies, 29 young professionals, 35+ start-ups and 20+ ecosystem partners. Together we form a community loaded with talent, promising start-ups, entrepreneurs and young professionals.

We need more heroes!

For centuries, we’ve been known around the globe for our Dutch Food & Flower industry. And this still is one of our biggest export markets. Moreover, we are globally second only to the United States in production, processing, and export of flowers, plants, vegetables and fruit.

We didn’t get so good at this without working hard for it. Long before the tulip mania we had to survive off of our determination, our capability for innovation and our true Dutch entrepreneurship. And now the world is urbanising and digitalising at an unprecedented rate.

Join us in our mission.

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Cities are growing worldwide, filled with mouths that need more and more food. At the same time, the demand for flowers and plants is growing, because of the necessity of a green, oxygen-rich environment which has a scientifically proven effect on our health.

It’s time to get our heroes to put their heads together and do what we as a small country are great at: give everyone everywhere access to sustainable and healthy food, flowers and plants. We believe that the Dutch Food & Flower industry has the knowledge and experience to provide the whole world with sustainable, high quality and locally produced food, while simultaneously making us economically stronger and more future proof.

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Attract, connect and grow.

We are supercharging Innovation within the Food & Flower Industry.

At HortiHeroes we are continuously working to attract, engage with and develop talent. And when we say talent we mean students, start-ups and entrepreurial young professionals with an urge to innovate.

HortiHeroes offers three distinct programmes to boost innovation:

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Academy | corporate training programmes focussed on start-up and innovation skills, such as the intrapreneurship programme for ambitious young professionals.

Start-up | start-up platform for connection with the Food & flower industry and the ecosystem of partner accelerators, investors, talent, and more.

Arena | inspiring activities aimed at collaboration and innovation inside and outside of the industry. This is where the HortiHeroes ecosystem grows and connects to make a global impact.

By getting to know start-ups’ novel business models and new technologies, by giving talents the space to innovate their organisation from the inside out, and by
collaborating on relevant and important problems, HortiHeroes is creating a solid foundation for innovation.

Zero hunger in a liveable world by 2030!

HortiHeroes’ ultimate goal is growth. Your growth as a person, the growth of companies in this industry, and most importantly, the growth of a healthy, green and liveable world. Because that is good for lots and lots of people, now and in the future.

Let’s talk about you.

At HortiHeroes, we are always looking for (almost) graduated HBO/WO talents. We would also love to talk with entrepreneurs who want to do something with their urge to innovate and who want to get involved with start-ups which are working on the next big thing, where collaboration with experienced entrepreneurs and established companies can be the difference between just a good idea or massive impact.

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Are you one of the superheroes who can let the Netherlands flourish, and who can help make the world a green, well-fed and happy place? Then take a big step forward and sign up to become a partner, or participate in one of our programmes or events.


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