Thermeleon offers a greenhouse screening system with the added capability of passively cooling & heating the greenhouse. The production of the first large prototypes has started while working towards our first pilot in a high-tech greenhouse.

Vivent PhytlSigns is a pioneering technology system which provides early warnings of a wide range of crop stressors, well before visual symptoms, enabling growers to increase yields and to choose environmentally preferable crop protection. Check this pitch.

Sigrow opens doors to climate optimisation for your crops. They produce and develop sensors which make it easy to collect (micro-) climate data of your growing environment. Their newest sensor: the Sigrow Stomata Camera which visualises whether your plants are growing. Check this pitch.

Blockbax helps companies handle data, hereby being able to work smarter and faster and making a difference, for themselves and their customers.

‘Weed Whacker’  recognises both weeds and crops. Its handy delta-arm removes weeds in a natural way.

Skelex develops and produces mechanical exoskeletons for the upper body. This improves quality and efficiency, and helps employees work comfortably and longer.

Living Light is an ambiance light that gets its power from plants’ photosynthesis process.

PARPLUS  is a Physee product; a special coating for glasshouse horticulture that absorbs harmful UV light and converts it into 10% extra light in the Photosynthetically Active Region (PAR).


PATS develops small drones that can automate crop protection. This solution monitors and eliminates flying insect pests.

ADI is developing hardware and software solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of greenhouses. Using state-of-the-art flight control software, data processing & automation methods, we offer new monitoring systems to greenhouses.

Polariks Polariks develops non-invasive crop analysis based on spectrum analysis. This technology shows the grower what the state is of every individual plant, what stress the plants are experiencing and what can be done to get the most out of every crop.

Floranti – Floranti – Connect and Attract: An innovative platform that lets horticulturalists and trading companies team up easily and thereby increases offtake.

BBBLS uses an innovative method of providing extra insulation for greenhouses with soap bubbles. This enables the production of high quality food with much less energy.  Our vision is to create a desired growing climate, accounting for external climate and seasonality to provide the most favourable conditions for greenhouses, or short: Controlled Climate As A Service.