Thermeleon offers a greenhouse screening system with the added capability of passively cooling & heating the greenhouse. The production of the first large prototypes has started while working towards our first pilot in a high-tech greenhouse.

PARPLUS  is a Physee product; a special coating for glasshouse horticulture that absorbs harmful UV light and converts it into 10% extra light in the Photosynthetically Active Region (PAR).


Sigrow opens doors to climate optimisation for your crops. They produce and develop sensors which make it easy to collect (micro-) climate data of your growing environment. Their newest sensor: the Sigrow Stomata Camera which visualises whether your plants are growing. Check this pitch.

CE-Line brings with the CELINE technology the tool to be able to adjust the feed water according to your wishes or plant needs. By continuous and real-time measuring of the nutrients combined with an individual nutrient dosing system, provides ideal nutrient water.

Benefits: 5% higher yields, improved crop and fruit quality, reduced water and fertilizer consumption, and remote control over water and nutrient management.

Planthunters is a platform where retailers buy special plants directly from the grower.

After the retailer (garden centre, florist, decorator) has chosen online from a varied range of special and new plants, the grower delivers them via the exporter. Through shorter transparent lines and while preserving the chain, Planthunters ultimately aims for a 100% match between supply and demand with less waste. The winners? Both the grower, the exporter, the retailer, the customer and the plant! Planthunters is the best connection between growers and retailers with independent and efficient logistics and financial flows.

BBBLS uses an innovative method to additionally insulate greenhouses with soap bubbles. This makes it possible to produce high quality food with much less energy. Their vision is to create a desired growing climate, taking into account the outdoor climate and seasonal influences in order to create the most favorable conditions for greenhouses, or in short: Controlled Climate As A Service.

Blockbax provides a software platform, where real-time and historical data from existing measurement systems and new sensors can be visualized, analyzed and alarms configured, without programming.

What does the HortiHeroes Startup Program offer for startups?

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PATS develops small drones that automate crop protection. Our solution monitors and eliminates flying insect pests.

Gearbox makes smart technology in the field of vision and robotics. As an R&D agency in the heart of the Westland region, we make innovations: GearVision & GearSense!

Plantsome, the new way to buy houseplants. We are happy to give you advice on how to make your interior even greener. This does not only look trendy and cosy, it is also healthy for you and it is delivered free of charge.

Through innovative biosensors, Vivent can measure the electrical activity of plants in real-time. Biosensors continuously monitor the crop and register situations when the crop experiences stress. When high levels of stress are measured, a linked smart software immediately sends an alert to growers allowing them to take action immediately so that the crop can quickly return to maximum performance.